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Pat Durland, Principal of Stone Creek Fire LLC, has extensive wildland fire experience and is passionate about helping communities and companies understand how they can avoid wildfire losses and tragedies. He began his 30 year wildland fire career as a hotshot crew member and smokejumper during summer breaks while studying Natural Resource Management at the University of Idaho.

He directed national wildfire/urban interface, wildfire prevention and wildland fire education programs and policies during his federal wildfire career at the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) in Boise, Idaho. He was chairman, vice-chairman and guiding influence for the national wildland/urban interface fire program, whose wildfire mitigation and firefighter safety projects include the popular Firewise website and Firewise Communities USA programs.

He has coordinated and implemented projects with numerous national, state and local clients in more than 20 US states. His international assignments and associations include Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Honduras.

Pat's perspectives of wildfire mitigation principles include personal experience as well as corporate knowledge. Since 1991 Pat and his family have been residents of the Boise foothills wildland/urban interface. After 20 years dealing with wildfire mitigation responsibilities on personal and family levels he knows now, "If you don't live with wildfire on a seasonal basis, you don't completely get it!"

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Since 2004 Stone Creek Fire LLC has worked with numerous clients on a variety of wildfire prevention, education and loss reduction projects.

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